Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The big scare from Bunny

Bunny hadn't been well lately. But he is FIV+ and between Bunny and Tiger, he is definitely the weaker of the two.

He lost weight after taking the Chitosan (which was good), but it happened too fast, and that really scared me. Now, I think it was all coincidental. He was losing weight due to some unknown reason. Then he started getting his low-grade fevers (something that happens often, which we would solve using Vetri DMG for 1-2 days and he would be alright).

But this time, it was different, the fevers stopped, but he seemed inactive. In fact, very inactive.

And during this time, Tabs was sick and I wasn't home to monitor him as I was at the clinic with Tabs all day.

Through it all, luckily he did not lose his appetite.

I was really worried because a vet told me that the lifespan of FIV+ cats is about 7 years (I don't know how far that is true, I hope it isn't).

By Friday, I knew something was not quite right about Bunny. He was having his low-grade fevers again. To take him to a conventional vet would involve blood tests and medicines. More drugs. And we know for Bunny's case, it's his immune system that needs a boost. Drugs might not do him much good.

FIV+ cats are immune compromised.

By Friday night, Bunny started sneezing. Oh dear, oh dear....he has probably caught Tabs' flu bug. If it's viral, the incubation period is 2 weeks. I couldn't have known.  I only had Vetri DMG and I know once Bunny gets the flu, it will be a complete nightmare. The last time he caught the flu, he grew SO weak, it took him 3 weeks to recover during which time we thought we were going to lose him.

At the same time, Connie had just introduced me to this site: http://www.nativeremedies.com/petalive/pet-ailment-disease-list-remedy.html. She has used three of their products with successful results on three of her dogs. One for a thyroid problem, one for a bladder problem (it healed in just 2 days) and the latest for a liver problem. And all three could not really be cured by conventional medicines.

I was desperate for Bunny.

To order would take at least a few working days and it was already Friday. Bunny was deteriorating right before my eyes.

Connie says she could spare me one bottle of her Immunity and Liver Support which she is currently using for her dog (who was terribly sick a few weeks ago with bad liver readings and could not get well with conventional medicine but her dog is  now well, after being given this supplement; the liver readings are back to normal too), so I made a judgment call and decided to try it on Bunny.

I had read up everything on the website, but could not find any independent review. Their own testimonials are good, though. And three different products had worked very well on three of Connie's dogs. I know that's not peer-reviewed research findings, but at least it's testimonial from a trusted friend.

What did I have to lose? The product is all-natural and Bunny wasn't responding to Vetri DMG this time. He needs to be constantly on immune boosters and liver protection can't go wrong too.  Maybe he isn't detoxifying and the toxins in his body are making him sick. I was guessing, of course, but for Bunny's case, a conventional vet can only diagnose based on blood test results, and I did not want to subject him to that since he is FIV+. Many things can go wrong with an FIV+ cat. It is very different with a healthy cat.

So I gave Bunny the supplement on Saturday.

That night, something quite "terrible" happened. Bunny's eyes swelled up, became reddish and he felt very hot to the touch. Now, on hindsight, I think that was the healing crisis. With natural medicines, a healing crisis can happen. The body just "brings out" all the toxins in order to heal.

That got me really worried too. Is the supplement working or not? But I remember the healing crisis and I had no other choice, but to have faith in the supplement. I read the testimonials again and may users reported healing within days.

It was also Saturday late night when this happened. I could either rush him to emergency or wait it out until the next day. The thing is he never lost his appetite through it all, so I decided to wait it out. Appetite is a good gauge. The vet always told me: If your pet stops eating, bring your pet in. Don't wait.

The other reason I did not want to rush Bunny in is that I know conventional vets would just say, "He's FIV+, this is to be expected" and then, maybe do blood tests.

I decide to wait until the next day because Bunny still had his appetite.

The next day, Bunny seemed better. He definitely looked better. The swelling in the eyes had disappeared. He seemed a little more active too. He wasn't feverish anymore.

That was a relief. If he had got even worse, I would have stopped giving the supplement. It would mean it isn't right for him. But he seemed better. And the sneezing had stopped too!

I continued giving the supplement and today (this is after 3 days).....take a look at Bunny!


The website says results can be seen in 2-14 days.

Bunny looks so much better now, compared to 3 days ago when he looked really ill, was inactive and felt hot to the touch.


The only thing is that his appetite also improved so much after taking the supplement!

But having had such a scare, I gave in to all his snack calls this time.

Eat, Bunny, eat...you need food to get well!

Maybe this is Bunny's optimum weight, and he needs this "weight" to sustain his wellbeing? I don't know, I'm just saying, because after losing all that weight, he didn't seem well at all.

mini-PA140166 mini-PA140167 mini-PA140168 mini-PA140160

Bunny says: Thank you, Aunty Connie!

Our disclaimer holds. Please consult your vet before giving your pets any supplements.

This is just a sharing. I made a judgment call on Bunny because of my own preference for natural products, but we certainly do not recommend that. Always consult your vet for professional advice.

mini-PA140160 (2)It is such a relief to see that everyone is okay, isn't it?

Today, my students were shocked to see me. They said I looked extremely tired. Strange, because I didn't feel extremely tired. Maybe it's all the sleepless nights and worry. I thought I was going to camp at the clinic for Bunny, but it looks like that won't happen now (touchwood!!).


Me is okay too!

Yes, Timmy, you too!!


Chen said...

Hey there pretty Bunny! Even your eye discharge looks cleared up. Wow!

chankahyein said...

Yes, that amazed me too. The eye discharge (I've asked a vet) is due to him being FIV+; it's a common problem seen in FIV+ cats. Meanwhile, I've ordered two more products from this site.

Chen said...

But Bunny still needs to lose weight. Maybe during the losing weight process, the fats got released too quickly and too much and so his body had trouble handling it. Now that he has lost some weight, let's keep it there. No snacking, no matter how cute and pitiful he looks. Remember he is a master in playing up his "I'm a poor kitty" act to get food.

But his nose looks a bit pale - a bit anaemic, you think?

Chen said...

I also feel like ordering 1 to try!

chankahyein said...

That's possible. Maybe good nutrition will bring his haemoglobin level back up. I've ordered C-Caps, which is for general health and wellbeing. Maybe that would help. I try not to give any drug or anything chemical to Bunny (as far as possible) and also to all the cats. They are still creatures of Nature; not "environmentally modified" like us. We can take a lot of rubbish and still survive fairly well (or so we think!).

Dayana said...

timmy too cute!

Yasmin said...


anyone knows where I could order this native remedies products from? I need it for my sporo cat. need a different alternative from what she already has been given. thanks.

chankahyein said...

The link is in the blogpost: http://www.nativeremedies.com/petalive/pet-ailment-disease-list.html

Yasmin said...

Hey again,

I think something was wrong with the site initially. I have ordered it just in case..