Saturday, October 26, 2013

Tabs' fun in the garden

Tabs had been itching to go out for a romp. So being Saturday, I thought I'd give her a supervised treat. She's been quite mischievous lately, so she has to be watched.


Daffodil and Vincent watch her.


Brother-and-sister, Ginger and Rosie, watch from higher ground.


Mr Zurik was still around and he growled at Tabs.


Tabs stopped short in her tracks, so I had to shoo Mr Zurik away.


Ich gehe nirgendwo hin.

(That's German for "I ain't going nowhere.")


Tabs continues to explore the garden, sniffing all the wonderful smells of nature.


You look like an easy target....heh heh.


Vincent, our Star Trooper, comes to Tabs' defense and confronts Mr Zurik.


If you cannot be nice, please go away...


I guess it takes a cat to talk to a cat.

Meanwhile, over at the playground...

willy 1

Willy has joined the pavilion.

willy 2

I'm told he rules the pavilion and the playground now.

Wow...Willy rules!

Hail, King William...of the Playground!


I'll bet Tabs wishes she could run freely at the playground too, but that would be risky.

Cats have this knack of pretending not to hear you when what you intend to do does not favour them.
This is where they differ with dogs.


Unknowingly, Timmy had gone into the house and eaten up all of Heidi's food. mistake.


I just had to show you this photo. It's a very rare sight...two Cow-family members sharing the same long shelf!

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