Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tabs and Tabbies United!

I have been managing the medicine-feeding of Tabs alone most of the time, so there hasn't been time to take photos and put up a blogpost. But thank you very much for all your kind wishes and enquries about Tabs.

She is slowly improving though still sneezing. We know it will take time to heal.

After going on the Vibravet paste (the vet said two notches once a day), I noticed she became very sluggish. That was a Sunday and that really got me worried. So I texted the vet who later replied to say it ought to be alright as long as Tabs' appetite was still good. I was worried about possible allergies to Doxycycline. I checked the web and it says it's possible, but the symptoms are headache, dizziness, etc. Now how would we know if a cat has a headache, right? The cat would probably just sleep, which was what Tabs did....practically all day.

So I asked the vet if it would be okay to stagger the dose, ie. one notch twice a day instead of two notches once a day, so that the dosage assimilated by the body would be less each time. The vet said it was okay.

Her sleepiness lasted the whole day (but on hindsight, maybe it's just a long rest that she needed in order to recover) and she finally became active only at night. That was a relief!

Today, I gave her one notch in the morning and one more in the evening. She did not sleep so much, so I guess this is the way to go. And she seems much better too though she is still sneezing quite a bit.

Because of the sneezing, I had to quarantine her inside the house. But somehow, one patio cat got in...


I don't know how Vincent got in!

But he ended up accompanying Tabs all afternoon while she took her healing rest.

And not only Vincent, but Heidi (hey, another tabby?) also got in and went upstairs to visit Tabs!

Tabbies United!!!

Last night, when Tabs was sitting by our bedroom window, I caught Vincent outside on the roof trying to get in. He had come to visit Tabs.


And meanwhile, Tiger too has been worried about Tabs and keeps meowing at the grille, but Tiger, being FIV+, cannot run the risk of catching her flu, so we only let Tiger out at a distance, then it's back inside the room for him. At least he knows Tabs is safe.

Tabs does occasionally come to the grille and sit outside, asking to be let in.

All in good time, Tabs. We got to play it safe and we cannot let your germs infect the rest of your friends.

Everyone is being fortified with Vetri DMG (inside and outside cats).

Coming up next, the Bunny story and big scare...

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