Monday, October 7, 2013

Tabs in hospital - Day 2

I reached the clinic at 9.30am this morning. As I approached her cubicle, I saw her sitting down facing the wall (that means she is angry). When I called her, she looked in front and her face lighted up immediately. She wanted to come out of the cage, so I let her out and she sat on my lap immediately.

She seemed so much more perky today so I was sure she had no more fever.

I brought her food up and managed to feed her 50ml of the blended ID. She was hungry!

mini-20131006_095120 mini-20131006_100006

That's a mirror - watch the birdie, Tabs!

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Now, one would have thought that surely the fever had gone down, what with the perkiness and that she managed to eat 50ml of food.

But soon, the vet came up take her temperature. It was a shocking 41 degrees.

Oh dear...again? The temperature was down to 40.6 degrees yesterday and this morning, it was up again. That's not good. The vet had wanted to start her on another antibiotic last night, but decided we should just wait until this morning. If her fever remains down, it means the antibiotics (Clavomox) is working and there would be no need to start on another one.

Clavomox is a gram positive and anaerobic antibiotic. The vet said that it if does not work, Tabs would need a gram negative antibiotic (to cover a wider range of bacteria). So, he gave the other antibiotic, Marbocyl through the IV.

We can only hope this antibiotic will work. If not....we'll have to get the newer generation antibiotics. Some pathogens have grown resistant to the existing commonly used antibiotics.  Sigh...viruses and bacteria rule, don't they? They are at the top of the food chain. How ironical, isn't it? The tiniest creatures rule the earth.

So Tabs and I settled down and I fed her 40ml of liquid ID every 2 hours.

She also urinated, which was good. There is no defecation, but the vet said not to worry as she is not constipated and ID is highly digestible so it is okay not to have any stools.


Tabs slept in the afternoon.


When she awoke, she would sit on my lap....and help me sew the new Mickey blanket!


Watch the birdie, Tabs!

mini-20131006_154139 mini-20131006_170128

Luckily I brought something to do to pass the time.

In total, I managed to feed her a 220ml of liquid ID, which is more or less one can. She needs to get enough food so that she does not develop a hepatic liver.

An ear-prick test was done on bilirubin and it shows Tabs is not jaundiced. She is also not dehydrated.

Later in the afternoon, the vet arrived to take her temperature again. It was 40.2 degrees. We had hoped it would be lower, but never mind, at least it had gone down 0.8 degrees. Little baby steps...

What the vet is worried about is that a fluctuating temperature (up-down, up-down) is indicative of FIP. But I mentioned that Tabs lives with two FIV+ cats, Bunny & Tiger, and the vet said in that case, the possibility of FIP is even lower now (theoretically) because if Tabs had got the corona virus (the mutated kind causes FIP), an FIV+ cat would get it first, but Bunny & Tiger are both fine. This means, Tabs probably does not have the corona virus, which in turn, presupposes that Tabs does not have FIP.


I know it's a conjecture based on logical reasoning and theory, but at least it's a reasonable conjecture and not a wild guess.

So, what other possibilities are there? Hemobart? But I have not seen any fleas on any of the cats.

The vet thinks it would be good to do a full blood profile again tomorrow, to see if we can rule out certain things and get a better picture of what may be causing Tabs to be sick.

Until tomorrow, I pray the fever will go down. If it goes down tomorrow morning, the possibility of it being FIP will go further down the list.

But pancreatitis is also quite serious. The vet cautions me that he had seen pancreatic cats that did not make it. It is good to know and be prepared. That is not being being pessimistic. It is being realistic.

I shall keep my hopes and spirits high for Tabs.

Tabs seemed a little reluctant to see me go this evening, but it wouldn't be fair to keep the vet assistant waiting on a Sunday, so I left at 6.30pm.

I spent 9 hours with Tabs today, leaving her only for 20 minutes to have lunch. It was quality time.

Thank you, everyone, for your kind prayers and wishes for Tabs. I told Tabs all about it and Tabs says "Thank you, aunties and uncles!"

Thank you, Connie, for dropping in to visit Tabs and me yesterday after the event and thank you, Maslinda and Wana, for your kind intentions of wanting to visit.

Hopefully, Tabs can come home tomorrow?


Marina said...

My dear Tabs, we will continue to pray for your speedy recovery...

Norely Abd Rahman said...

Praying for you Tabs!

Juliana said...

Continued prayers! Though there is still a lot unknown, I'm going to believe in all the positives.

Wine Dogs TB,EE,TT and CC said...

On a light note, Tabs is such a trooper! Working hard on Sunday to help in the new Mickey blanket despite her fever and all . Wow! The new Mickey blankie should be called "Tabs blankie". Woofs for her to get well soonest!

Khalifa said...

Get well soon my dear Tabs....our prayers with u......mommy, bob n nackie

pooi ling said...

Tabs...get well soon..

chankahyein said...

Thank you very much, dear friends. Yes, Tabs is a real trooper and is so sweet, as she always is. The blanket will be called Tabs-Mickey Blankie, and it's done in vibrant, happy colours!

freyia said...

Tabs ...get well soon