Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hello Kitty! Blanket No. 6 - the auction begins!!

The auction for Blanket No. 6 begins!!


1. Please check the latest comment for the latest bid before making yours.

2. All bidding is done by placing a comment in this blogpost.

3. The auction ends at 2pm, on Thursday, 10th October 2013.

Do we hear RM100? 

100% of the highest bid will be donated to the AnimalCare Fund for the street animals!

May the highest and most generous bidder win!!

The bids as they come in:

10th October 2013:
1.50pm, Caramel Puppy bids RM890.
1.49pm, Faizati Mohd Ali bids RM889.
1.48pm, Caramel Puppy bids RM888.
1.47pm, Chucky & Blackie bids RM800.
1.43pm, Caramel Puppy bids RM501. 

8th October 2013:
6.56pm, Faizati Mohd Ali bids RM500.

mini-PA080160 mini-PA080161 mini-PA080162

The back has patchwork too!


Will this be yours?


I had the privilege of sewing this blanket, but only the front portion.

mini-PA020161This is the easy part!

blanket making

The hard work, which is the base and frame, is done by my mother.

Hello Kitty, anyone?



faizati said...

let me start with RM500!

chankahyein said...

Thank you very much, Faizati! Sure looks like you are going to get this blanket as nobody else seems to be interested in bidding for it. I wonder if it is because Hello Kitty isn't popular enough or it's me who sewed it? I decided to do the patchwork so that it won't be so taxing on my mother's eyes and she can do the tagging and machine work of making the back and frame (which is actually much harder than the patchwork, which I have no skill at making!).
Looks like you are going to take Hello Kitty home by tomorrow 2pm!
Thank you very much!

Chen said...

I think people are biding their time and being careful!

chankahyein said...

Or, maybe the blanket craze is over? And we will have to think of some other ways to raise funds then...

faizati said...

hey don't thank me yet, who knows that others will start bidding at the very last moment - after all it is very 'malaysian' to do things last minute (though i sure hope that the blanket will be mine) :D

jasmine ong said...

I agree with Chen.

I wouldn't mind if the sewing is done by you or your mum because it's still lovingly-made quality blanket ♡

This Hello Kitty blankie is so pretty too! ♡ If only I have much more vitamin M, hehe ...

Caramel Puppy said...

Nyeh heh heh...! RM501

Chucky & Blackie said...

RM800 please

Caramel Puppy said...

Topping up to RM888

faizati said...

RM801? HE HE

faizati said...

Yikes, RM889 then

Caramel Puppy said...

ROFL!! RM890

faizati said...

ok u can have it ha ha! see Dr Chan, we are Malaysian (unlike Singaporean) we like to do things last minute :D

chankahyein said...

LOL! Thank you, everyone! 5 more minutes to go.....

Caramel Puppy said...

Woof! Woof!!

chankahyein said...

DING!!! Sold to Caramel Puppy for RM890!!!

faizati said...

congrats Caramel Puppy! Good job! :D

Caramel Puppy said...

Woffie! Owned myself a Hello Kitty blanket!! Pengsan already ...coz too happy.

jasmine ong said...

Alamak! And the last minute bidding came rolling in ... : )

The above bidders are really cute with their last minute style of bidding hehehe :)

Chen said...

:( Missed all the last minute action.

Caramel Puppy can now roll over Hello Kitty everyday to show who is more superior!