Thursday, October 24, 2013

Patio news

It's been very, very cold lately, hasn't it?

Just as Bunny & Friends have been getting immune boosters, so has the Patio Family. Prevention is better than cure!

mini-20131021_093354 mini-20131021_093402

Tabbies like Vincent and Heidi like shoe racks.

mini-20131023_164237 mini-20131023_164241

Sunshine is always, always most welcomed!

That's Mr Zurik up there.


A bicycle built for two?

mini-PA210226 mini-PA210227

Timmy is only let out after everyone else has finished his/her food, but he still finds some scraps to lick off from each bowl.

Nothing is wasted. Times are hard, waste not, want not. Timmy has "good" habits!

mini-PA210237 mini-PA210238

Ginger helping with the Ginger-Blankie.

We finished it yesterday!

mini-PA210239 mini-PA210240

On cold days, Daffodil and children are always at the patio.

mini-PA210241 mini-PA210242

I wish we had enough space to confine them so that they would be safe from the dangers outside, but alas, we don't, so we can only hope they will play it safe at all times and run back here when they sense danger outside.

Just as it is not safe for humans out there (I read there was a robbery in Subang Jaya yesterday resulting in shooting and a death), it is even more unsafe for our community animals, yet, this is the best we can do - provide them with a safe place to return to at all times and hope the humans out there will just let them be.

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