Saturday, October 12, 2013

Tabs is done with the injections!

Today is Tabs' last day for the antibiotic injections! The vet decided 6 days of Clavomox is enough and so Tabs was only given the Marbocyl injection for today.

However, since Tabs is sneezing and her lymph nodes are enlarged, and in case, the sneezing is due to chlamydia, doxycycline is recommended. Her sneezing isn't so bad, but if the pathogens are not completely cleared from her system, she can become a carrier and infect other cats. So far, it's upper respiratory only and she sneezes a total of about 10 times in a day.

mini-PA120164 mini-PA120165

Gone are the days of the dreadful Doxy pill, now there is the option of using this VibraVet paste, which is much easier to administer and is actually palatable. Tabs needs it for 2 weeks to complete the course.

mini-PA120161No more joy car-rides, Tabs!

I'm sure she is relieved.

Once again, a big thank you goes to Dr Edmund Yeoh, for seeing Tabs through this journey.

And thank you everyone, for all your kind wishes and prayers for Tabs too!

Meanwhile, I'm looking at this site for my cats: My friend has used their products on her dogs with amazing results.

Our disclaimer holds. Please consult your vet before giving any supplements to your pets and the animals under your care.


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