Friday, October 11, 2013

Tabs is sneezing (a secondary infection)

We brought Tabs for her two antibiotic injections today. Even yesterday, I had noticed her sneezing, but only a few times and the vet said to just monitor first as he did not want to pump her with more medicines.

Today, the sneezing is more prominent. Tabs' lungs are clear (luckily!) but her lymph nodes are enlarged. The vet said to wait one more day before starting her on Doxy, which, as far as I have experienced, all animals simply hate. However, there is a paste now (Vibravet paste) and it is palatable, though expensive. Never mind, it is better than running the risk of stressing the pet with the dreadful Doxy pill; money can be earned back.

So, it looks like Tabs has got a secondary infection now and has to be isolated from the rest.

Her temperature is normal.

So we decided to put her in the living room and bar the Patio Cats from coming into the house. The vet said isolation is important as a runny nose can spread.

mini-PA110161 mini-PA110162

But Tabs wanted to go in.


And Tiger wanted to go out!

mini-PA110164 mini-PA110165

No, the meeting of the tabbies would have to wait for awhile until Tabs stops sneezing. We cannot risk everyone getting a runny nose.

mini-PA110168 mini-PA110171

I'll just eat my grass then.

mini-PA110172 mini-PA110173

Finally, Tabs eats Monge!

Her appetite is back to normal now, which is good. I hope the runny nose will clear soon. Meanwhile, everyone is fortified with Vetri DMG.

Secondary infections are scary. All precautions had already been taken; minimum stay at the vet's, discharge immediately when possible, private cubicle away from other sick animals, immune boosters given, yet a secondary infection can develop.

Some things are out of our control, so we would just have to manage them as best as we can.

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Joy E. Saga said...

Check with your vet if you can supplement with 100mgs Vit C ya. I give those to my cats when they sneeze. It can support their immune system as well.

100mg Vit C a day. Also i buy the sugar free children Vit C