Sunday, October 13, 2013

Willy visits!

This morning as we were reversing the car out to take Tabs to the vet's, we saw....



Hi, Willy!!

Doesn't he look bigger and very healthy too?


I gave him some food before we drove off.

Later in the afternoon...


Tabs found this perfect hiding place in the storeroom.


The patio cats came to visit when they had a chance to come in, but only for a short visit.


Willy came again this evening.

I'm just thinking, do you suppose his owners have gone off for a holiday and he's here for food?


He looks fantastic, doesn't he?


The Patio Cats congregate across the road to observe what is happening.

Vincent looks like he wants to start locking horns with Ginger, doesn't he?


Heidi says, "Stop it, you two!"

mini-20131012_174301 mini-20131012_174314

Timmy, Daffodil and Rosie prefer to play it safe and mind their own business.

Meanwhile, Bunny doesn't seem well. I'm afraid he may have caught Tabs' bug. I'm fortifying him with immune boosters. Bunny and Tiger are both FIV+, but Bunny is weaker. I hope the immune boosters work.


adif said...

in the first picture Willy was like..." remember me? "... so cute

Chen said...

All this yo-yo weather is no good for all. Maybe Bunny would like to wear a shirt to keep himself warm?

By the way, a more likely theory regarding Willy's erratic appearances - he found someone to give him a home and the owner tries to keep Willy indoors. But Willy like most male cats that has lived outdoors will try to make his escapades. Once in a while he is successful and so pays you all a visit to say, "Hi!"