Tuesday, October 8, 2013

"I want to be a rabbit" - by Tabs

We took Tabs for her two injections (Clavomox and Marbocyl) this morning and all was well. She was also dewormed and given a pedicure!

The differential diagnosis for Tabs so far are:

a. Viral infection (because of the presence of lymphocytes)

b. Nasty, fast-acting bacterial infection (because her fever only came down after Marbocyl was given)

How Tabs caught the infection is a mystery as she stays at home all the time.

Could the Patio Cats have brought in something nasty but they were immune because of the years of being exposed to the natural environment while Tabs has been protected indoors?

Or, you know what old people say...a fright could cause someone to become sick? It may not be totally hocus-pocus as a fright can be very traumatic and in turn leads to lowered immunity? Tabs was very frightened when Timmy bullied her by turning aggressive. The boy was probably just taking the opportunity to bully (seeing Tabs as an easy target, and Tabs is all trusting, thinking that everyone is nice and kind). I'm sure Timmy didn't mean any harm as he did not attack her at all. He just growled and snarled. And she was panting for her life.

The other day Cow did the same to Daffodil and left her breathing heavily and panting too. Cow rushed out and screamed at her face.

In any case, Tabs still has to be force-fed.

But there is something she will eat willingly...




Tabs ate EIGHT blades of wheatgrass!

Yum, yum....


Meanwhile, I asked the vet if Transfer Factor might help too. No harm giving, he said. So Tabs is on Transfer Factor as well.

She is back to her mischievous ways of escaping from the room whenever we open the grille, so that's a good sign!


Joy E. Saga said...

So happy to hear that she is recovering! God bless you Tabs!

nisa said...

Way to go Tabs! u have a great mummy!

Khalifa said...

all is well....Tabs...so happy to know u are back to yourself...loves, mommy, bob n nackie

melle said...

Glad to read all is well with Tabs!

Norely Abd Rahman said...

Yeay Tabs! Well done you two!