Sunday, April 27, 2014

Timmy fights Mr Zurik

A few hours ago, I heard the most devastatingly scary cat-fight sound outside at the patio.

I rushed out and saw Timmy confronting poor Mr Zurik (who looked very scared) at Timmy's Vegetable Patch. I quickly ran to grab the hose, intending to stop the fight by spraying water in their direction. Before I could, Mr Zurik ran off towards the porch with his tail down (but fluffed up) and Timmy went after him with (yikes!) a tuft of blackish grey hair in his mouth, still huffing and puffing like the Big Bad Wolf.

It was quite scary...seeing Timmy huffing and puffing with a tuft of hair in his mouth.

I went after Mr Zurik and he did not seemed injured in any way at all. There were no blood stains too. I doubt Timmy bit him.

Mr Zurik stopped at the porch and stayed there while I restrained the Big Bad Wolf at the patio. In any case, Big Huffing Timmy wasn't going anywhere. He just wanted to guard his Vegetable Patch.

By dinner time, everyone was at the patio already....except Mr Zurik. I grew he injured?

So I laid out all the bowls and there came Mr Zurik!

He didn't look any worse off.


Mr Zurik finishing his dinner.


Me ain't no fool.


I checked him visible injuries anywhere.


I let Timmy out and there was no fight.


There's some orange-privilege here...Timmy allows Ginger to go into this Vegetable Patch and even sit under the pots, which is Timmy's favourite snooze spots.


A greater and more fearsome warrior looks on...


Who? Me?


This is one of Ginger's favourite chill-out spots.


The greater warrior sniffing for clues...


He watches...silently.

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Chen said...

"Ginger can sleep in my vegetable patch anytime because he lets me sleep on his Carebears blankie."