Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The day Timmy went back to his old home...

No worries, Timmy is still here with us!

I caught him visiting his "old home" a few days ago and it was quite cute.


I think Timmy was actually trailing a bird...

So, we trailed him...



Why are you following me?

Can't a cat have some privacy to do his own thing?


That's Timmy old house - the blue dustbin!

When Timmy was first dumped on the road right in front of my gate, he sought shelter in this blue dustbin. Poor Timmy, right? But wipe your tears, please, Timmy stays at our patio now. He has a good life.

And is well-fed too!


That's my old house...

Top secret: It's actually a TARDIS, you know. This: It's only for time-traveling lords, of which Timmy is one. Shh...


Looking for hidden treasure, Timmy?


The other PatioCats looked on curiously, so I quickly went back to my porch because I didn't want to set the whole battalion crossing the road to the Tardis and the spot of the hidden treasure...

Timmy's previous visit:

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