Sunday, April 6, 2014

Tiger Day 30

It's Day 30 today. And I'm pleased to say that yesterday's new sores on the left hip are drying up AND I thought I didn't see any new sores earlier today, until this evening....

mini-P4050644 mini-P4050645

Tiger ran for his life when he sensed I was going to take photo of his sores!

But I managed to get a good look several times earlier today, and nope, there were no new sores and the rest were drying up.

Today is a good day, for our Sporo Watch, or so I thought, until late evening when I spotted two new sores on the left hip.


Playing hide-and-seek with Tabs.


Hide Tabs, hide!


Peek-a-boo! Shh....


 He he he....nobody can find me!

It was perchance that I happened to suddenly notice a new sore later in the evening. Tiger was sitting on my sewing chair and his left side was exposed...

mini-left hip A

I don't remember seeing this red sore on the far right yesterday, so it must be new.

It's on the left hip.

mini-left hip B

Then as I checked further down on this same side, I found another sore. This is located at where the fur is really thick, so I must have not been able to detect it earlier on. I don't know how long it's been there, but from the looks of it (being red and inflamed), it must have sprouted very recently. Maybe even today.

mini-left hip lower

There it is, after I managed to hold Tiger down and trim off the hair around it.

mini-right hip

This is the right hip. No new ones here.

The "trend" for these new sores seems to be that they will sprout and dry up fast, so I'm assuming (I hope I am right!) that these are deep-seated spores that have to germinate and hopefully with Sporonox, they will germinate and dry up fast.

Come out, all of you spores, come out and go away, please! Don't stay hidden in the deep muscle (which is worse).

I checked the left leg, and the Gang of Eight are now very small (have shrunk) and drying up well. The stubborn one on the left front paw is still stubborn but has not deteriorated.


Sorry, Tiger boy, I have to apply to Lamisil cream on these new sores.

Lamisil cream does work on new sores, I've noticed. At least, the sores dry up the next day.


So like everyone who has nursed a sporo-cat says, it's a long, long haul.

We will get there...eventually.

Today's two new sores:


Yesterday's four sores plus two new ones today. Altogether, 6 sores on the left hip now.

Don't mind me, please, I'm just taking all these photos to keep track of how the sporo behaves for my own record and monitoring. Maybe it would be useful for other cat-caregivers too, just in case. This is how persistent the sporo spores are...sigh. After 30 days of treatment, they can still germinate.

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