Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Tiger, after 26 days of sporo treatment

I thought I should compile these photos to show myself that I haven't deceived myself into believing that Tiger is healing!

The left front paw:

"Gang of Four"

mini-Left Front PAW 1 mini-Left Front PAW 2

The left hind leg:

"Gang of Eight"

mini-Left Hind LEG 1 mini-Left Hind LEG 2

The tail:

I think it has healed.


Hasn't it?

Of course, there are still those on the hips, which I am monitoring too.


We'll get there, Tiger, slowly but surely...

1 comment:

meow meow said...

Good boy Tiger , you are doing it well. Maybe 2 more weeks to go... Kanbate-ne !