Thursday, April 10, 2014

I'm quite amazed with Path-Away!

After Tiger got back from his jungle adventure, I quickly sprayed his sporo sores and his legs with Path-Away. Tiger was lying on the soil, and there could be bacteria or fungi in it.

Path-Away is a biodegradable, non-toxic anti-fungal and anti-bacterial spray.


I must say I'm amazed at the effectiveness of this spray! I sprayed Tiger's sore yesterday and today, at about 6pm.

Take a look:

mini-PicMonkey Collage

Amazing, isn't it?

And this is his No. 1 most stubborn sore.

In any case, my friend wanted to introduce this product to me for AnimalCare's fundraising since January, but we just couldn't find the time to meet and when Tiger had sporotrichosis, I had totally forgotten about it. If only I had known, maybe it could have helped quicken the external healing.

Sporotrichosis is a deep muscle infection and oral Sporonox is the medication for it, but externally, it manifests as fungal sores, so maybe Path-Away could have helped since it appears to be so effective. The best thing about it is it's non-toxic, biodegradable AND Tiger really doesn't lick it at all, so bye bye, e-collar and unnecessary stress.

My problem with it, though, is that Tiger is afraid of the hissing sound of the spray, so when I sprayed him again at 10pm just now, he struggled. I'm thinking I should spray it onto a cotton wool and apply onto the sores. Just now, I just sprayed it onto my fingers and applied the liquid onto his sores.

As stated above, my friend who distributes this product in Asia, is letting AnimalCare market this product for fundraising! So if all goes well, we'll have another product added to our merchandise list soon.


Path-Away is recommended for the following:

  1. When there is a skin infection

  2. To deodorise

  3. When pets come back from their walks and before they enter the house or leap onto the bed of pet owners

  4. To be used as a personal antiseptic to protect the pet owners / handlers

Is anyone interested to get this product? Please write in if you are and if we get a decent volume, we will consider marketing it after we have more information about this product.

More info: WAYY PLT Pet Spray Brochure

Our disclaimer holds.


Sharon Fam said...

2 bottles for me please.

Thank you. SF

ff said...

i want 1 for my doggie. he had itch all over his lower body.

Joyce said...

May I know the cost please?


Anne said...

May i know the price? Quit interesting coz my cat like to go outside. Tq.

chankahyein said...

Sorry for the delay, everyone. Was working out a good price for all of you. It's RM25 per bottle. Please write to me at if you'd like to order. We are collecting our first shipment this weekend. Thank you!