Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Indy wants to fight with...someone

Just now, Indy decided he wanted to pick a fight.

With whom?

It doesn't matter. Anyone would do. Anyone within picking-a-fight distance.


So Indy started with Cow, and Cow quickly looked away. Bunny heard the familiar Indy war-cry and quickly left the scene.

Tiger was watching the whole thing, but as usual, Tiger doesn't budge. He adopts the "be still, do not respond" approach. That's how Tiger has been surviving this war zone all his life. He's an expert...


But this time, I think Tiger is asking me to intervene, so I did.

After all, WHO knows how to play by Indy's rules? Only Indy knows what Indy's rules are. Nobody else can figure him out.


Cleo was watching from a high place, but decided to look away and not engage in any eye contact with the mad one.


Tabs too.


And Pole, who was asleep, came out from under the bench to see what was going on.


 Oh, it's the mad one...again?

And you people think I am mad just because I have an imaginary Dory-friend? 


Norely Abd Rahman said...

Pole is so slim and looks like a supermodel. She has the same marking like my Benjy and the same kind of tail too but Benjy is a fatty boom boom. I wonder if I showed him Pole's super slim photo, he would be encouraged to exercise a little. Hmmmm......

chankahyein said...

Yes, we don't know what Pole's secret is...there is no gym in this confined area, no exercise equipment, she eats quite a lot too and sleeps a lot. BUT...she jumps up to the ledge a lot as well. Maybe that's all the exercise she needs?
The vet says she is "all muscle".

Akmar said...

Cleo has that diva-esque look and mannerism..no wonder she sees the need to maintain that slimness all the time..heheh! ;)