Saturday, April 12, 2014

Tiger Day 37

It's getting increasingly difficult to dab anything on Tiger's sores (could that be an indication that he feels he is better and doesn't need the medicines?) and even more difficult to approach him with the camera!

And yet, there is a need to monitor his sores so that I know when healing begins and to give the Sporonox for 2 more weeks post-healing. Healing is only when the sores have completely disappeared and the skin has grown back. This hasn't happened yet though I think we are well on the path to reaching it.

I managed to take these photos for my records:

mini-left front paw

A close-up of the left front paw.

mini-left hip

Left hip.

mini right hip

Right hip.

When my husband held Tiger down so that I could dab the Path-Away onto his sores, I thought I noticed a new sore on the left leg but I cannot be sure as I didn't have time to check it thoroughly. There is only time to quickly rub the entire area with a cotton pad dabbed in the liquid before Tiger would throw a somersault and kick his way off.

He is so strong!

But as far as the trend goes, ever since we started the medication, new sores that sprout also subsides very fast. So even if it really is a new sore, I think and hope it will subside within a few days. It's the spores having to germinate and come out from the deep muscle. Our 6 week "cycle" is not up yet. 5 more days to go.


I said "no photos"!


You may only take photos from afar, if you wish...

Yes, Tiger sir. Yes, sir. Sorry, sir.

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