Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tiger Day 47

A quick check of the two areas where I'm waiting patiently for the sores to disappear so that we can begin the 30-day countdown to freedom from Sporonox.


Left front paw - it's already crusted when I touch the sore.


Left leg.

We will reach there....soon. Praying...

mini-P4200647 mini-P4200645

Am I good? I let Tiger sit on my blankie.


There was a rain episode in the room today.

It was raining quite heavily with thunder and everyone was afraid.

Tabs was hiding behind the bench and when the rain subsided, Tabs wanted to come out.


Oh is Tabs going to come out with TWO titans on guard?


We created a distraction to get Bunny away.


Tabs is friends with Indy, so that was easy....phew!


Tiger, safe and sound on the editor's chair!

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