Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tiger Day 33

Today is a no-incident day, so that's good.

The next three photos below show the sores on both hips. They appear to be drying up.

mini left hip A

The "new" sore which appeared on Day 30, now drying up. It has not got worse. Thank goodness.

mini left hip

This is drying up too.

mini right hip

Right hip, also drying up.

mini left front paw

The stubborn ONE on the left front paw.

I guess this will be the last "man" on the ship, the last to go. Still resilient. Still ulcerated.

mini-P4080634 mini-P4080639

Tiger playing by himself.


Pretending a piece of paper is a prey.


 Getting some sun.

And something totally unexpected happened a moment ago.

You know how Bunny has always been screaming into Tiger's face in his attempt to intimidate and bully Tiger and how Tiger would just look or last time, he would just close his eyes and not react?

Well, Bunny tried to intimidate Tiger again just now and guess what Tiger did?

tiger fights back

He hissed at Bunny!

Yes, he hissed at Bunny and Bunny was shocked.

What?? You think I'm a pushover?

Bunny slowly backed away, still in shock.

Crouching tiger, hidden dragon...


Connie said...

Tiger : Don't mess with me! I'm in a very bad mood!!!Hissss
Bunny : Oopsie.. I go intimidate Cow then

Akmar said...

Hehheh..padan muka Bunny..baru dia tau.. :P