Friday, April 18, 2014

Tiger Day 42

Today, I went to buy another strip of Sporonox for Tiger. Since the vet said Tiger has to take the medicine for another 30 days post-healing, I had to top up his supply. I managed to get the original Itraconazole (Sporonox) for just RM7.50 per capsule at another pharmacy. The previous one charged me RM9.50.

So now, the sores to watch for (to finally disappear completely - that's considered "healed", then only does the 30 day post-healing period start) are the ones on the left front paw and the two legs.

The sores on the hips are NOT sporo sores. These are bite and lick sores, probably due to fur mite. I've already applied the Revolution spot-on on both Tiger and Bunny. Even a seemingly non-life-threatening itch/bite problem can lead to ulcerated sores and open wounds which may be the entry of spores. So it is not to be taken likely especially when all my cats have a grassy area with plants (where sporo thrives).


Tiger's newfound "den" in the room.


At long last, he has found a place to call his own!


He loves it so much.


Left front paw - waiting for the day this completely disappears.


The ones on the leg - it's due to licking that they are red.


Leg sores.

mini-P4170643 mini-P4170644 mini-P4170655

 With best friend, Tabs.

This is one of my favourite Tiger-Tabs photos (below). It was taken during the first week we moved into this house more then 2 years ago when everyone was still adjusting to the new place.

mini-Tiger and Tabs old photo

Sharing a chair - best friends forever.

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