Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ginger's peace offering and his tour of Bunny's Place!


Last night, Ginger dragged his Carebears Blankie to the grille again, offering it as a gesture of friendship to Bunny & Friends. Ginger is already friends with Tiger and Tabs, of course. It's the rest that he wants to be friends with.


I will give them my blankie if they let me in....

For the past few days, Ginger has been trying very hard to sneak into the room whenever I opened the grille. I was careful not to let that happen or....2 weeks with antibiotics! I cannot risk that happening again. It had already happened once before. Ginger rushed in and Cow pounced on the poor boy and bit him real bad. And that was shortly after his episode with Mr Quack (also bitten!).

Ginger thinks the whole world is kind.

Don't we wish Ginger was right?

mini-P4270688 mini-P4270689

Can Ginger come in and play with us? 

Please, please, please? 


Indy: WHO is coming in?


Pole: Can I go out instead? 


Tiger: Yay!! Ginger is coming in to play with us!!


A supervised and guarded tour, of course.


Ginger, meet Cow. Cow, meet Ginger.


This is Bunny.


Peacefully does it...


Meet Pabuka too.


That's the Clubhouse outside.


One day hopefully, Daffodil and family can come in and I wouldn't have to worry about them being community cats anymore.

And Vincent and Heidi too.

Timmy is quite happy at his Vegetable Patch and seldom goes away from the patio, so I don't worry so much about him.

Mr Zurik...I think he has his own place (training camp) with his shrews, of course.

It's just Cow, Bunny and sometimes, Indy, who attack other cats. HOW to subdue them? Daffodil's family is no match for the titans. They will be shocked and traumatised.

mini-P4270699So for now, Ginger, do please carry on with your peace offerings.

Maybe one day....we will see the light and you can join Bunny's Place!


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Chen said...

I think I'm a Ginger addict :p

Joy E. Saga said...

Me too! Am a Ginger addict! No "Ginger growled"?? hehe