Sunday, April 6, 2014

Tiger Day 31

It's 10.15am now and am happy to say that I didn't see any new sores on Tiger. However, like yesterday, the new sores surfaced in the evening, so I would still need to check again later.

tiger at sewing machine mini-P4060637 mini-P4060643

Tiger is my new sewing cat.

mini-left front paw

The stubborn ONE on the left front paw.

I'm giving this one 2 more weeks to disappear. This is one of the very first originals, as stubborn as ever! The rest of its three "friends" are already drying up, but this is super resilient. I Lamisil-ed it!

mini-left hip A

The left hip. The one of the top far right surfaced yesterday. It doesn't look worse today.

mini-left hip B

Bottom left hip, at the furry part. Also surfaced yesterday evening.
Looks "under control", hopefully.

mini-left leg

Left leg - what remains of the Gang of Eight now. No new sores here.

mini-right hip 1

Right hip (A), photo taken in the morning.

mini-right hip 2

Right hip - what I like to see, drying up.

mini-right hip 3 later

This is right hip (A), taken one hour later. It's inflamed.



 Lamisil-ed and not happy!

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