Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Bunny....! (caught red-handed again!)

I heard the familiar war-cry again in the Clubhouse just now.

I know for sure it's Bunny bullying Tiger AGAIN.




Stop it, Bunny!!

Tiger didn't even flinch. But he does look a wee bit intimidated.


Bunny wouldn't budge, so I had to approach the warring one.

He then moved off...reluctantly.


He even had time to do a stretch.

Cow watched from under the chair.


 Oh-oh...am I going to be punished?

Note that Tiger hasn't moved from his position on the slabs.

mini-P4010616 (2)

But...when his sister, Pole, bullies him (with so much as just a stare), Bunny cringes in fear!

Bunny is so much bigger in size, but he is so afraid of his sister, Pole.


Akmar said...

Bunny ni agaknya tak boleh tengok Tiger bersenang lenang... and he (Bunny) won't rest until he picked a fight with someone..

chankahyein said...

Yes, that's Bunny. BUT...when Pole bullies him, he punya takut!! He will cringe in fear. And all Pole has to do is to look at him, that's all. Takut kakak, agaknya.

Chen said...

That's because Pole got eyes like lasers!