Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Heidi's (mis)adventure and rescue from the roof

This morning, at about 6am, Heidi scuttled out from our bedroom to the roof. She must have jumped onto the low cabinet and scaled the green netting to get out through the window and landed up on the roof.

BUT...unlike Vincent who is a pro at getting in and out through the green netting, Heidi does not know how to get IN from the roof.

Oh dear....

So she was pacing up and down the windows, trying to figure out a way to get back in.

She is also far too small and not agile enough to jump from the roof to the ledge. Vincent can do that with his eyes closed but not Heidi.

Poor Heidi...

So I quickly got up and opened up the bottom part of the green netting to let her in, but by then she was already too frightened (in panic mode) so the more I called her, the further she walked.

Soon, she was walking away to the neighbour's roof and this was getting too dangerous. It was still pitch dark and we don't know if she could manage the roof.

I raced downstairs and got a can of Monge Tuna. I figured tuna should be aromatic enough to attract her.

Finally, the Monge Tuna did the trick. But not without some effort. My husband had to half-drag and half-carry her in from the roof. But at least the Monge Tuna attracted her to come near enough for the "rescue" to be done.



Too scared to do anything after the morning's misadventure.

mini-20140428_123634When I came home after work...

I hope she won't embark on another roof adventure again...

Just stay grounded, Heidi.

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