Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tiger Day 34

Today is a Yay-Day!


Hey Tiger!!

And Tiger says: Don't disturb me! NO PHOTOS TODAY...NO, NO, NO!

Okay, okay...I won't disturb you, and I'll just snap whatever I can see, can?


Can you see that light pink spot on the right?



This is the stubborn ONE on the left front paw.

It's not looking THAT stubborn anymore, right? It has certainly shrunk a lot.



Okay, I got scratched and bitten by Tiger for holding up his paw, but I just had to monitor this stubborn sore.


My friend sent me this sample yesterday. it's a natural anti-fungal spray and I managed to spray a little onto that stubborn sore yesterday. She enquired for me and it probably won't be very effective for sporotrichosis since sporo is a deep muscle infection and zoonotic; it's more useful for external fungal infections.

However, I think it's effective for topical fungal infection (which sporo causes) because as you can see from the comparison photos below, the oh-so-very-stubborn ONE on the left front paw is noticeably drier and much smaller today. It has shrunk so much in just one day!

mini-PicMonkey Collage

I'm going to try and spray on the rest of the sores later, if Tiger allows it. The best thing is that he doesn't lick the sores after I've sprayed the Path-Away onto them. But Tiger is afraid of the hissing sound of the spray!

The good thing is that the spray is biodegradable and non-toxic. If it's good for external fungal infections, maybe it can do the job of other topical fungal creams and the bonus is that it's non-toxic.

For more information: WAYY PLT Pet Spray Brochure

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