Monday, April 21, 2014

Tiger Day 45

I think we should soon be able to start our 30-day countdown soon, I hope!

mini-left front paw comparison pic

Left front paw. You can hardly see it today as it's crusted. I hope it doesn't flare up anymore!

mini-left leg comparison pic

I think Path-Away stops Tiger from licking, so the sores don't flare up anymore. Otherwise, it's very hard to tell the difference whether it's red because of licking or the sporo rearing its ugly head. So, Path-Away helps in this way.

mini-P4200664 mini-P4200667

 Looking forward to each day closer to our countdown!

Tiger still has to take Sporonox for another 30 days post-healing. "Healing" is when the sores have completely disappeared and his skin has grown back. This protocol is to minimise the possibility of a relapse, especially when Tiger is FIV+. Thevet uses the same protocol on all sporo-cats irrespective of whether they are FIV+ or not.

Tiger is still on Biopure to protect his liver. He is also on Vetri DMG, Omega-7 and Transfer Factor. I'm also using the Path-Away as an external spray.

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