Friday, April 18, 2014

I was so worried about Timmy when...

...he didn't feel like eating yesterday morning.

It was early morning and I had to get to work.

Breakfast was as usual and Timmy had gone into his cage. I served him breakfast, but he sniffed at it and looked at me.

Oh no....what's wrong, Timmy?

It's not like Timmy to refuse any time of the day.

So, without wasting anytime, I got a Vetri DMG tablet and fed it to him. As I carried him, he didn't feel feverish or anything like that.

After the Vetri, I left him inside the cage and still, he did not eat his food.

This calls for Code Red. A declaration of an emergency situation: Timmy is refusing food. Oh no, oh no!

So I carried him out of the cage, and coaxed him to eat by forcefeeding him.

He obliged by eating just a little bit.

I had to go to work so I left...worried.

By the time I came home, I was relieved to see Timmy under the car in porch.

Oh good, he hasn't gone into hiding, which probably means he wasn't feeling defenseless, which in turn, probably means he wasn't feeling so sick yet.

I went straight to the patio and placed the bowls on the floor, making sure it made enough noise to attract all the cats.

"Snack time, snack time!" I announced.

All the cats came, including Timmy.

I put some kibbles into the bowls but Timmy walked away....oh, oh.

Then I placed a bowl of kibbles in front of him. Timmy sniffed...then walked off, looking very sad.

Oh dear...Timmy, are you ill?

But I had to take Tiger to the vet's, so I couldn't take Timmy though it did occur to me if I should bring Timmy along.

I decided to wait until dinner time (which is 3.30pm). If he still did not eat, I will definitely take him to the vet.

When Tiger and I came home, I grabbed Timmy and fed him some Laxatone. This is just in case he had hairball and maybe that was why he didn't have appetite.

3.30pm was dinner time.

mini-20140416_125658Yay! Timmy is eating again!!

It looked like Timmy was back to his old (hungry) self again....what a relief!!

It absolutely isn't normal if any of our cats don't eat during meal times. They may skip the snacks, but they never skip meals. The ONLY ones who may skip meals are Pole and Cleo. None of the rest would skip a meal so when they do, you cannot help but wonder if something is wrong.

I was SO relieved!!

This morning...

mini-P4160643 mini-P4160644

Timmy is eating again!!



The after-meal tussle for the left-overs.


1. STARE your enemy down.


2. Inch closer and continue staring until enemy moves off.


3. Dig in!!


Joy E. Saga said...

You must have been frantic! You fed the Vetri DMG to yourself! :D

chankahyein said...

Ha ha ha....!!

Chen said...

I probably will not get the chance to say this again, so I'll say it loud, "EAT, Timmy, EAT!