Monday, April 7, 2014

Tiger Day 32

You know how it is that sometimes the sun just seems brighter, the day sunnier and you get this gut feeling (with no particular reason) that everything will take on a positive note and things will finally get better?

Well, somehow I got this feeling today about Tiger.

I can only hope I am right...because I don't have any particular rational reason to feel this way! Or maybe I'm just feeling particularly cheery because after the semester break, I get to teach Maths again? I don't know...teaching Maths just gets my adrenaline going.

But let's take a look at Tiger's sores today, only the tricky and stubborn ones. The rest are drying up fine.

mini-left front paw

Left front paw drying up well.

mini-left hip

Left hip - all the new sores that came up two days ago are drying up too.

mini-mini right hip

Right hip - still watching this one.

I hope no new ones will sprout again.


Meanwhile, Tiger is as happy as a lark.


He gets time out in the sun.

mini-P4070652 mini-P4070654 mini-P4070655Happy days will be here again, Tiger...patience comes to those who wait (and persevere).

It's Day 32 today.


Chen said...

As someone who struggles with maths - the type that finds squares acceptable but trapeziums terrible - your phrase above "teaching Maths just gets my adrenaline going" makes me feel kind of weird out. :D

chankahyein said...

I'm one of those nutheads who gets a thrill from something square...and from the trapeziums too! :)