Friday, April 11, 2014

Tiger Day 36 (and Tiger bullies Pole)

Tiger runs the moment he senses I want to apply anything on his sores or take photos of his sores, so it hasn't been easy applying the Path-Away (I need two people and even one person finds it hard to hold him down. Tiger is mighty STRONG). I now dab the liquid in a cotton pad and apply it onto his sores, or the entire area where the sores are/used to be. I have to do it really quickly as Tiger is struggling. No time to look at each sore anymore. I guess it's good to rub it on the whole area too since it's an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial formula.


The sores on the hips appear to be very faint today.

I managed to dab Path-Away twice yesterday, amidst Tiger's struggling and resistance.

mini-P4110661 mini-P4110662

You can still see the light pink sores in the photos above.


The left front paw - the last of the Mohhicans, I hope!


Tiger knows his routine now - every morning, he knows he has the special privilege of coming out from the room to have breakfast and his medicines in the kitchen. He takes all his medicines without any fuss (what a good boy!). He is still on RetroMAD1, Sporonox, Omega-7, Biopure and Vetri DMG. At night, he gets Transfer Factor.

Usually, Ginger and Rosie would have climbed in through the netting on the window and will have breakfast with Tiger.

While they eat, I feed Bunny & Friends in the pantry.

Then, Ginger and Rosie waits at the sliding door while Daffodil, Timmy and the rest press their noses against the door waiting for it to be opened.

Then, as the PatioCats eat, Tiger gets to play in the garden.

Usually, Tabs will be out with Tiger too as by now, Bunny & Friends would have finished eating and Tabs ALWAYS does her lightning-sneak-outs from the grille when I come out after feeding them at the pantry.


Hello, fellow tabby....


Tiger loves this table. As does Vincent.

Last night, we caught Tiger bullying Pole.


Cow came to look, but decided he should back away.


Then, Indy unexpectedly came to Pole's rescue!

Run, Pole, run!! I will distract Pole!


Where did Pole go??


Here! and sound.

But Tiger's best friend is still Tabs.


They play hide-and-seek every day.

Where is Tiger, Tabs?


Here's Tiger!


We're done playing. Can we go back in, please?

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