Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Rosie & Daffodil, Cleo & Pole

Photos to warm your heart...


According to Mukda, Daffodil had been living as a stray cat at the playground for at least 10 years because that's as long as Francis and Mukda had been feeding her and watching her get pregnant (too often) and carting her litters everywhere. Her only surviving children are Rosie and Ginger.

Francis and Mukda could not catch Daffodil for spaying (but got Ginger and Rosie neutered when they were very young). We only got Daffodil spayed (finally!) after we moved into his neighbourhood.

So, Daffodil, Rosie and Ginger were living as strays until they became our first patiocats.


Maybe this is why Daffodil is so protective of her two children and they are such a close-knit family.

mini-P3310617 mini-P3310618

When Rosie and Ginger trusted us and came into our house, Daffodil used to watch closely from the patio. Now, she trusts us completely and she too comes into the house.

The point is, they are such a close-knit family...

On the other hand, Pole and Cleo are also mother-and-daughter, but maintains a touch-me-not-and-stay-within-your-radius relationship... Sometimes when they get too close physically, they even hiss at each other.

Pole was rescued with siblings Bunny & Cow at 2 days old while Cleo was born in my daughter's wardrobe. They are not strays and yet...they are so unfriendly and untrusting towards each other.


 And we often ask, "Why?"

Well, we will never know!

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