Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Polka Pink for Mom (Blanket No. 39) - up for auction!

Here we go....another blanket for Mother's Day or just as a gift for a loved one.

It's Polka Pink!


 The polka-dot cloth is contributed by Agnes Cheong and Ginger is not part of the item! Rather, he is the designer.

Auction Rules:

1. Please check the latest comment for the latest bid before putting in yours.

2. All bids are placed as comments on this blogpost. All comments will be published instantly in chronological order. 

3. The auction ends at 5pm, on Thursday, 24th April 2014. 

Note: Please monitor this post near closing time if you want to ensure that you are the highest bidder.

100% of the winning bid will be channeled to our Fund for the animals.

Do we hear RM150?

The bids as they come in:

24th April:

At 4.28pm, Reena Kong bids RM350.

At 3.09pm, Chucky & Blackie bid RM300.

23rd April:

At 12.52pm, Jasmine Ong bids RM250.

22nd April:

At 10.53pm, Irenelance bids RM171.


This is a double-layered cotton patchwork without padding in between.

It measures 51 inches by 69 inches.


The backing is done in a matching pink (by my mum).


I stayed up all night supervising the sewing of this blanket, you know...


It's a nice blankie...

Every cat should have a blankie....


....for he/she to roll on!


 Or, you can use it as a large floor mat that is totally washable and dries easily. 

Won't you bid for this blanket for the many street animals out there?

I too lived as a street cat for years before I became a sewing I live in a house and supervise sewing.
And I get to eat yummy food and lie on blankets...

Happy Bidding!

It's all for the animals!


irenelance said...

RM171..pls pls let me win this time..sob sob sob

jasmine ong said...

Yes Ginger, we know you stayed up all night supervising the sewing because you are a hard worker. Yet, you still look so good and absolutely adorable ♡ ♡ I'm in love with all your photos, you know. How can I say no to you ♡ RM250 please for this cheerful and really sweet blankie.

Very sorry, Irene!

Chucky & Blackie said...

Woof,woof,woof RM300 please.

Reena Kong said...

Hi Dr. Chan,

RM350 please.