Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Playtime for Tiger!

Tiger must be feeling good OR very confident (with all the added attention and special treatment).

Last night, I saw him chasing Cleo all over the room. I think Tiger was just playing, but Cleo got a fright and ran for her life.

Cleo running for her life?

Yes. Cleo who bullies Cow. Cleo, the only one whom Cow is afraid of, was running away from Tiger.

So what does this make Tiger?

Right on top of the social food chain now, right?

And this afternoon, Tiger was chasing Tabs all over the room...Tabs also ran, but soon realised it's just a game.

Tabs trusts Tiger. They are the best of friends. At least, they do communicate, unlike Cleo. Cleo talks to no one.


Oh, oh...I'm caught! Help, help!!


I paw you back!!


Royal guards, Indy and Cow, seem totally uninterested.



mini-P4080638 mini-P4080639

Where are you, Tabs?


Come down and play!!


After this, we go out and chase everyone around, okay?


Happiness is having a best friend to play with.


Akmar said...

Pic No. 7 and 8 melt my heart...

Chen said...

Me too!

Yen Ling said...

Lovely pictures!