Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Tiger, his paw and a comfy pillow

Tiger seems much better now. The area surrounding all the puncture wounds is no longer stiff. He also allows me to touch the affected paw. Looks like the medicine is working and Tiger is well on his way to recovery.

With an FIV+ cat, one cannot help but take more care because their immunity is compromised and things could go wrong.


Here's Tiger sleeping comfortably after dinner.

I've made this spot on the bench his special place where he can feel safe. Sat with him for a long time so that the rest know this is Tiger's spot for now.

The comfy pillow helps...


Cow Mau (aka T-Rex now) has been docile the whole day.


The one in charge - Cleo. She is the disciplinarian.

Try any nonsense, and you'll get whacked.

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