Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tiger's appetite improves!

Tiger ate three helpings for breakfast today!

The sneezing has stopped and he is no longer squinting too. He is still on Vetri DMG, of course.


His third helping - licking up all the remaining food from the big bowl.


Bunny's balding problem is improving, slowly but significantly.

I think it's Revolution that is doing the job.


The Super-Titans.


Pole, the one who never gets into any trouble with anyone.


The disciplinarian, hiding behind the plants, watching, watching, watching, waiting to pounce on the naughty bullies.


I want to go out!!

Let me out! Let me out! This is a madhouse in here, I want to go out!!

mini-P1090286 mini-P1090287

Ahh...Tiger is happy and active again.

Oh, last night, we had an "incident" at the pantry. At midnight, there was loud thumping on the roof. Everyone was inside the room. Well, everyone, except our masked hero, Indy Jones. He was already up on the ledge, doing this preliminary investigation.

So, who was it on the roof? Who was the mysterious intruder?


It was...Ginger!

Yes, sweet, mild-mannered Ginger was trying to get into the pantry via the roof.

Ginger, if you don't mind a little bit of advice, you are MUCH safer living in the patio. Trust me, please.

Once, Ginger did sneak into the room when we opened the grille, and the result of that was a massive attack by Cow (it all happened in a matter of seconds), involving several puncture wounds and 7 days of being caged up on antibiotics.

Ginger doesn't remember?

I guess not.


I requested the masked hero to come down from the ledge after assuring him that Ginger was harmless.


I couldn't talk Ginger into going back to the patio, though.


This morning, the masked hero was on a full scale patrol duty.

But Ginger was having breakfast at the patio...

mini-P1090288 mini-P1090289 mini-P1090290 mini-P1090291

Mr Zurik still prefers to dine on the chair.


And Dame Heidi needs her "distance".

Outside, at the culvert...


Willy waits for me.

mini-P1090294 mini-P1090296

After being water-gunned yesterday, Mr Zurik remembers the perimeter of his walkway.

Yes, it's a restraining order issued by me...just so Willy can eat in peace and finish his meals.


This one needs pacifying as he is not a bully; he is just incredibly jealous.


Sad to note that Francis will not be feeding the pavilion cats anymore after numerous complaints from various animal-unfriendly neighbours. The last being the asthmatic person. But a small consolation is that all the pavilion cats are actually (now) people's pets (like Udi and sibling, for example). The "pavilion strays" used to be Daffodil's family but they eat at our patio now, so there are no more "strays", so to speak. The pets can go home to get their meals.

It's not about being fearful of the complainants; it's to protect the cats. You'll never know what angry complainants might do.

So the pavilion will now only be occupied by humans - Humans who come to exercise at the playground or younger humans who drink beer, make noise and get drunk at night. Sometime last week, one such group of intoxicated young humans drove off after a drinking session, banged into a neighbour's car and sped off. Thank goodness the guards reacted swiftly and managed to stop the culprits.

I'd prefer to have cats at the pavilion, wouldn't you?

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