Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Patio8 in the morning


This was yesterday's early morning breakfast.

Willy comes to the patio nowadays.


After months of confining Timmy in the cage during meals, he still has not learnt that he cannot snatch other cats' food.

mini-P1230440 mini-P1230442

Luckily Mr Zurik does not snatch food. However, he has this habit of butting my hand. For example, when he sees me scooping food into his bowl, he would butt my hand off so that he can get to the food immediately. And his head-butt is VERY strong.


Now, why is Vincent also in the cage?


Well, Vincent chases Willy, that's why.

However, there is a stromtrooper rule here. Yes, stormtroopers play by the rules. They are good soldiers. The rule is: When the enemy is eating (which is a basic need), you do NOT attack. You must allow the enemy to finish his food first. Only then can the combat resume.

But there is a slight problem due to this rule. Vincent finishes his food really fast and Willy is a slow eater. So once Vincent finishes his food, he watches Willy like a hawk, just waiting for the little orange one to finish his last bite, then WHAM! The attack is launched. He pounces on Willy, fur fly and poor Willy flees for safety. Imagine having to do this the moment you finish eating. And knowing this, poor Willy cannot eat in peace towards in the second half of his meal. He is constantly wondering when the stormtrooper will attack.

Hence, Vincent goes into the cage after he has finished his food. We shall see if this is a necessity on a daily basis, or if the stromtrooper learns to give a little big of leeway to the orange one, then it won't be necessary.

But to a stormtrooper, there is no bending of rules. Why even have rules if you are going to bend them, right? Makes no sense to a Jedi warrior.


KGB-trained soldiers have a different set of rules, though.

By the way, there was a big war two nights ago in the porch. A new tabby had entered the porch and this resulted in a fight between Vincent and Mr Zurik. The fight had to be broken up by me splashing water. It was midnight and the war-cry was too loud. I couldn't risk having the neighbours complaining. As animal caregivers, our fear is that-which-must-not-be-named. I saw the smaller tabby run out of our porch.

A new cat?

Mr Zurik had been having a "mata sepet" (squinted eye) problem for a few days now. I have been washing his eye with salt water (he allows it). But today, I saw a wound beside that squinted eye. I think it is a battle wound. I've washed it with saline, applied iodine and the Wound Protector (codenamed "Happy Bum Gel") on it. Hopefully, it heals and does not require medication. The Russian ought to be able to heal from a tiny wound like that, hopefully.


Willy the Brave.


Let's see how this "training" pans out.

After breakfast, Daffodil's family comes into the house and plays hide-and-seek. This is a daily event for them.

mini-P1220415 cannot find me...


Rosie is sweet-faced, but she bites. Beware.


Daffodil is still wary of humans, but allows to be patted. Can't blame her; he has been living as a stray for more than a decade.


Heidi joins in the game. Ginger thinks nobody can find him.


 Shh...don't tell them I'm here. Shh...

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Juliana said...

That pic of Rosie (?) and the tip of her tongue is so cute!