Wednesday, January 8, 2014

An agonising two-and-a-half hours of looking...and Ginger finally comes home!

Ever since Ginger's last disappearing act where he went missing for almost the whole day and only reappeared at midnight from the neighbour's roof and when I had to consult two animal communicators for help too, he hadn't gone on any adventure at all. In fact, he was almost always at home. And whenever I was home, he would be right beside me unless I was in the room with Bunny and friends.

This afternoon, Mr Zurik came asking for an early dinner at 3pm. Granted, they all had breakfast at 6.30am so by 3pm, everyone would be understandably hungry.

Everyone was here....everyone, except Ginger.

Now, where was Ginger?

I went out to the garden to call for him, but he did not appear.

Not wanting to push the panic button (again!), I thought I should wait. After all, dinner time is usually 3.30pm or even 4.30pm at times.

So I waited but with every minute of Ginger not appearing, I got more and more worried.

Oh no...not again, please.

Where is the boy?

3.30pm - no Ginger.

4.00pm - still no Ginger.

4.30pm - still no Ginger.

By then, I had gone out to look for him 3 times.

I checked for Daffodil's reactions, but I could not discern anything. She did not seem unduly worried at all. If you remember the last time, by late evening, Daffodil had got onto the neighbour's roof and simply refused to come down....until Ginger finally returned at midnight.

Then, finally, by 5.30pm, I caught a glimpse of that familiar orange-white colour on the neighbour's roof. This time he was looking really, really lost and confused, as though saying, 'Where am I?? Who put me here?? How did I land up on this roof??"

I rushed out of the house and called him.

The moment he saw me, his face brightened up and he ran down from the roof and came down our garbage compartment...


Where have you been, Ginger??!!

He was clearly so happy to be back home....from the neighbour's roof.


He was certainly hungry but did not want the wetfood I had kept for him in the fridge, so I gave him some kibbles and he ate all of it up.


Of course, everyone came too...and had a second dinner.


Er, many dinners do you want?


Now Ginger, after giving me this nightmare in broad daylight, could we have an agreement that you will not miss your meals again?

I think the boy has a favourite spot on the neighbour's roof and once he snoozes there, time comes to a standstill and he forgets everything! Even hunger?

Wow...this must be quite a place on that roof!

Meanwhile, Tiger seems to be okay except for some sneezing if he comes under the fan. His appetite is good, so we did not make a trip to the vet's. We just have to keep the fan off for him and he will be okay.

TigerBusy grooming!

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