Sunday, January 26, 2014

Willy must have gone "on leave" again

Yesterday morning, Willy did not turn up for breakfast.

I sort of "knew" that he won't be coming.

Somehow, you just "know".

Willy has this habit of disappearing during festive seasons. He disappeared for 10 days during Hari Raya, but reappeared after that long break. I was worried sick that time until I realised perhaps he had a home and his owner had sent him for Hari Raya boarding.

But then, he disappeared for another holiday as well after that, and now, he has disappeared and it's nearing Chinese New Year.

He didn't turn up for dinner and he's also not around this morning. I've asked around, nobody has seen him at all.

So yes, Willy has gone on his festive season "leave" again.

I'm not going to panic this time.


Not at the patio.


Not at the wooden bench.


Not at the culvert.


Not at the playground.


Not under the cars.

I hope he will be back after the festive season and wherever he is, be well and happy, Willy!

The question still begs: Does Willy have a home?

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Rebecca said...

My cat Eli, is missing again for the 4th time. The last time was 10 days during Deepavali. He came back thin and dirty. Its hard to keep him indoors since he was a stray. i sometimes wonder where he goes for so long.