Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The tussle between Bunny and his sister, Pole

This has been going on for months - Bunny and Pole fighting for the attention of Jia-Wen.


For years, Bunny had already adopted Jia-Wen and vice versa.

But lately, Pole decided she also wanted to adopt Jia-Wen as her person.

So this is what she does on a daily basis now - she "sharks" around Jia-Wen whenever he plays with Bunny AND she smacks Bunny.


See what we mean by "sharking"?

mini-P1280492 mini-P1280494



More "aww..."


Of course Jia-Wen gives her attention too, but Pole is SO incredibly smart, she has her ways of getting what she wants and here's the thing - Bunny is afraid of Pole.

mini-P1280498 mini-P1280499

Did you notice Indy on the sofa?

Indy only has one objective in life - to ensure no intruders come near Bunny's Place. He has no time for other things.


Okay, okay, Pole...


You are still my favourite cat!!


jasmine ong said...

Thank you for the awww ... photos. All these photos are lovely ♡

Bunny looks so docile and is a real pussy cat here, enjoying all the loving from Jia-Wen. Can't imagine him being an alpha bully ... looks can be deceiving :)

Akmar said...

Pic No. 2 -
Bunny: Please...don't fall for her tricks.. she's only trying to 'cari pasal' with
me.. you know I'M YOUR Bunny, right? (pleading eyes)


Amelia said...

hard to be believe that Bunny looks innocent here..
so cute when he keeps looking at Jia Wen to complain..

Yen Ling said...

I'm seeing Pole being so manja for the first time (via photos). Bunny! Bunny!