Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The joy is in the daily goings-on

Animal companions bring you joy every day.


Last night, Daffodil and Rosie were sharing the chair again.


And Rosie started grooming her mum!

mini-P1200368 mini-P1200371

Little brother, Ginger, was nearby too.


Stormtrooper Vincent was by my side, watching all the goings-on and ensuring there is no intruder attack of any kind.


This morning, breakfast was earlier than usual and Rosie arrived late, so I had to feed her in the kitchen.

But nothing escapes (or rather, no food event escapes) the notice of Timmy Two Bowls.

mini-P1210379 mini-P1210380

After breakfast.




Mr Zurik.

And later in the morning, my son, Jia-Wen, sent me this photo:

It's Bunny's fun in the sun!

mini-Bunny's fun in the sun

Whenever he is back, Bunny gets special privileges, like tours all over the house. Supervised, of course.

What happened this morning was that Bunny was let out to roam in the garden. He cornered Vincent and "vultured" upon the stormtrooper. By "vulturing", it means Bunny practically hovered over our poor stormtrooper and reduced Vincent to a small curled-up ball of shivering fur. Then, he let out a deafening war-cry which sent everyone flying.

Jia-Wen quickly scooped Bunny up and whisked him off to the garden, leaving Vincent shivering in fear.

Even a stormtrooper is no match for Bunny. Never be deceived by names...

And that's just Bunny.

What about Cow?

It comes as no surprise that in our previous neighbourhood, Cow & Bunny ruled the entire road from alley to alley and no other cat dared to come into the territory. If Cow & Bunny were let free in this neighbourhood now, we'll have no patio cats at all.

mini-Heidi on sofa

Now, Heidi is a totally different story altogether.

She is fearless.

What will happen if Cow & Bunny meet Heidi?

I don't even want to know!


Akmar said...

Perhaps Bunny is a were-rabbit in disguise..? Heh heh heh... :P

Dayana said...

what a cute lil madam that heidi is!

chankahyein said...

Yes he is!!