Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tiger completes his antibiotics


Tiger's final dose of antibiotics was yesterday evening.


His appetite had been good throughout the whole week while he was under medication. In fact, on the very evening after seeing the vet, he had already started recovering. He even allowed us to touch his paw.

So everything was really going well until yesterday noon when he didn't seem well again. He was afraid to eat and would only do so if the titans were kept at bay. Something wasn't quite right.

By night time, he started sneezing. Vetri DMG to the rescue! I also added Petalive's Liver and Immunity Support. Tiger's eyes were watery too, so I cleaned it with salt water. It's just a simple home remedy, as a temporary measure. Sometimes it can totally take care of the minor eye irritations.


Look at how the titans dine - everyone has to keep a "safe distance" away.

Compare this to dining at the pantry...


Even Mr Zurik eats together with everyone!

Well, except for Dame Heidi, who wants some "distance".


And of course, our Mr Timmy Two Bowls who still has to dine inside his private dining room....or nobody will get to finish their respective meals!

Then, last night, we let Tiger out in the living room as he was so afraid of everyone inside.


Ginger kept him company.

mini-P1070304 mini-P1070305



Tiger seems much better this morning.

He ate on his own and his appetite has returned. Let's hope the Vetri and Petalive took care of whatever it is that he had last night.

With FIV+ cats, one cannot take any chances. Will monitor him and see if a visit to the vet's is necessary.

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elya said...

awwww... ginger is the sweetest of them all... ;)