Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tiger eats on his own and Bunny-in-cloak (no dagger!)

Last night, Cleo whacked (more like smacked) Cow and Bunny on the face. Trust our little girl to do the needful to teach her uncles a lesson for being bullies.

So, all was well last night without any incident...with Cleo in charge, of course.

mini-PC310247 mini-PC310248

To play it safe, I let Tiger eat in the room this morning.
He ate his normal amount and took all his medicines without so much as a fuss.


Then, I spotted Cow and Tiger lounging at the Clubhouse.

That's nice, I suppose, as long as Cow does not suddenly become crazy again.

Yesterday, the vet quipped that it must have something to do with the names I've given them. "Cow" and "Bunny" are both docile animals, so these two have to prove their feline worth. Maybe if I'd given them names like "Shark" or "T-Rex", they wouldn't have to prove themselves now and might be docile...like Tiger!

It's all in the name, folks. Give careful thought when you next choose a name for a cat, dog or hamster!


But never fear, Cleo is here and near.

Now, Cleo is one who has lived up to her name (Cleopatra). But truth be told, I wasn't even thinking of Cleopatra when I named her. I was thinking of Cleo the Goldfish in Pinocchio! (because of her calico spots, being colourful).


This Cleo!


Eventually, the meek shall inherit the earth, eh?

Our female felines don't get into trouble or silly fights.

Or, as Mr Miyagi says: Julie-san, fighting not good. But if must fight... WIN.


Meanwhile, Bunny has shown good improvement on his balding problem.


I'm not sure what it is: Diet change OR the Revolution spot-on.

But whatever it is, it is working.

mini-PC310262 mini-PC310264 mini-PC310265

He has stopped balding further and his fur is growing back.


 Peek-a-boo and Happy New Year, everyone!!


Melle said...

Yes, true. Choose your pet's name wisely. My male cat was named Woozey by his rescuer and I didn't changed his name since adopting him. A few years later, he had severe vestibular disease ( where his sense of balance is off kilter) and left the house one morning to pass on.

Since then, I made sure the new cat has a meaningful name. And named her Freya after the Nordic goddess as she was adopted on Friday ( coincidentally is a day named in honour of Goddess Freya).

Peggy Quah said...

Ya a pet lives up to its name. As in the begining we did not noticed but in the end we make sure what we expected each pet to grow up too. A wrongly name male is Bella (sorry he's sort of Pondan now :( ) My little Vagabond had to have a strong name after his accident so its Bond Bond and he is living up to it for 13 years now. So take time to choose just as we choose for our kids.