Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mr Zurik and Daffodil

Mr Zurik has adopted our house as his home now.


This box is his. He has claimed it.

mini-P1280503 mini-P1280506

I think he is just so glad he has a home.

He also comes into the kitchen and sits.


His eye wound is completely dry now.


Meanwhile, Daffodil is also always inside the house.

This is quite a milestone; Daffodil had been living as a stray for more than 10 years at the playground until we moved here in 2012.

mini-P1260476 mini-P1260477Isn't this cute?

My son was sunning his laundry basket and Daffodil went inside!

z and d

The Russian and the Madame.

CaptureDaffodil, Ginger and Heidi have been asking if they could come into Bunny's Place.

Er might not be able to get out alive, seriously. Previous casualties had been Ginger (bitten by Cow, landed up with antibiotics for 2 weeks for puncture wounds, and Vincent - defeated by Indy, landed up at the vet's, but no medication needed). So, no, please.

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Susan said...

Daffodil cute cute :3