Monday, January 20, 2014

Tea for two

Here are some really cute photos of Rosie and Daffodil...


Mother and daughter sharing a patio chair!


They were on it for hours!

The song Tea for Two comes to mind:

And on the other chair....

mini-P1180366 Mr Zurik!

He almost never goes "home" these days. We don't mind him being at the patio, but he makes a racket every morning by antagonising Vincent and that is becoming a problem nowadays. They start their verbal war from as early as 6am.


Note that the cage door is open, but Timmy loves sitting and sleeping in his red litter box. Well, it's not used as a litter box, but more as a bed for him. In fact, the cage is Timmy's house.

And while everyone was resting and sleeping...


Ginger was helping us spring clean the storeroom!

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