Saturday, January 25, 2014

Click, click, click!

I was motivated by the two articles on photographing animals, so I took some pictures of my ever-ready model, Ginger, yesterday.


It's not the angle, Ginger really has significantly big paws. It's really cute, and we call them his "puppy paws".



Take the photos at eye level, right?


Oh, I took many more, but these are the more "presentable" ones! So yes, I have a long way to go...

And yes, that's a Minion blanket! Wait for it...after Chinese New Year!

A sneak peek:

mini-20140122_234741Any Minion fans out there?


Susan said...

cute cute ^v^

Chen said...

Don't mind looking at pictures of Ginger everyday!

Rebecca said...

Ginger looks like my cat that went missimg3 days ago, missing him :(

chankahyein said...

Dear Rebecca, We hope your cat comes home soon.

jasmine ong said...

Cuteness overload ♡ ♡ ♡

April said...

Very nice photos. You have a lovely cat.

Yen Ling said...

Ginger, a real model :)

Dayana said...

i love it when they tilt their head like that!