Sunday, January 5, 2014

Willy and those who intimidate him

Willy has lost his Lion King status...completely. Looks like naming him after William of Orange did not quite do him any good. He is so terrified of Mr Zurik, Vincent and even of Ginger. The mere presence of Mr Zurik or Vincent sends him running for cover inside the drain.

So, for the last few weeks, I had been sitting on the culvert with him while he ate his two meals per day. When it rained, I had to hold an umbrella over his head as he would literally stand in the rain to wait for food. Luckily we have trees on his spot, so he stand under the tree and is partially shielded from the rain.

Of course, I am also armed with the water-gun so for the last few weeks, Mr Zurik had been shot at (with the water-gun) each time he comes out from the patio with the intention of intimidating Willy., for the first time, Mr Zurik learnt that he is not supposed to intimidate Willy anymore....


Here's Willy at breakfast this morning.

Today, he gets LeChat.


This is Mr Zurik's usual routine. He will come to the gate from the patio and see if there is any chance of intimidating Willy.


But after having got shot at by the water-gun for weeks, he finally learns that he is not supposed to come near Willy, so he walks around Willy at a permitted radius.

mini-P1040270 mini-P1040271

Now, that's good, Mr Zurik. Go home, please.

I don't know where his home is, though, but I know he hangs out somewhere up the road. He only turns up for two meals per day. He knows our timing well.

mini-P1040272 mini-P1040273

No water-gun is needed today. Mr Zurik didn't even try.

mini-P1040277 mini-P1040278 mini-P1040279

I think mild-mannered Ginger just wants to be friends.


Willy approaches....


...but quickly decides he's safer being with me.

mini-P1040282Our stormtrooper Vincent - now, he's harder to control, because he attacks Willy out of pure jealousy.

So, the water-gun is still needed to keep Vincent at bay, or poor Willy will not get to finish his meals.


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