Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Willy makes his (grand) entrance!!

Willy has been waiting for me at the wooden bench for a few days now. Smart little guy - he knows my schedule. When the Patio7 are eating, nobody will chase him, so he comes right into the porch and waits at the wooden bench. Then, I sit with him as he eats and he knows he is safe.

But the moment he finishes, he scuttles off to the garbage compartment. Usually, Vincent will chase him and this is one thing I have no control of.

But this morning, we achieved a breakthrough!!

Willy came ON HIS OWN towards the patio! I didn't have my camera with me and had to monitor things, so no photos of that.

I quickly stopped him before he reached as I could not afford to deal with a fight, so ate near to the patio as the Patio7 were eating their breakfast.

After he finished, I was so sure he would run off, but no....he came towards the patio!

Oh wow!!

So I scooped him up and put him on one of the chairs and he stayed!

Yes, he stayed.

Would you believe that??

By then, one by one, the Patio7 were finishing their meals and Willy looked from HIS chair.

I made a quick dash inside for my camera, half expecting Willy to have gone by the time I got out, but...


He was still there!!!


Meanwhile, Zurik (who also doesn't chew his food, I think, because he eats at lightning speed) tries his trick.

Vincent checks out Willy's bowl - any leftovers?


Willy watches his predator closely...


Vincent licks up the leftovers.




Willy is not in any hurry to go away....


But soon, Vincent growls and Willy jumps down, all ready to make a run to safety.

Vincent gives chase.


Willy dashes out but only to under the car.

mini-P1200374 mini-P1200375

Vincent lets him be.

I reprimand Vincent.


Vincent sniffs at the flowers.


Indeed, what is life if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare?


What happened, what happened?


Vincent comes back to give a full report of this victory to the rest.


Don't look at me! I'm innocent.

mini-P1200383And you call THAT a victory??

If you've left it to us...we would he taken care of things before you could even blink your eye. No loose ends.

Yes, I know, and am I glad all my super-duper alphas are...confined!


Akmar said...

Indy looks as if he is ready to bolt out..hehehe!

chankahyein said...

Yes, it's an obsession with him. I believe Indy has OCD!

Susan said...

LOL funny :3

irenelance said...

way to go willy!