Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The door story

The door had been in really bad shape...


With three titans spraying on it nonstop every day, you can imagine how bad the door is by now.

The polycarbonate had long dropped off (the double-sided tape is long gone too and the whole thing just fell out). So I had been wiping something to the tune of 20 times per day. I think this door suffers the most as it's where the titans can see the PatioCats, so it irritates them to the hilt, so they spray to mark and tell the PatioCats who the real bosses of the house are.

I thought of getting a plastic door, but we thought we should give the polycarbonate idea another chance. So yesterday afternoon, we purchased another piece, but this time, twice the height of the old one. This is because Indy sprays really high. He's not just an alpha, but a super-alpha.


Cleaning the door took hours. It also involved using the hair-dryer as we wanted to get as much as possible of the smell out. Wood absorbs, that's the sad thing.

mini-P1060287 mini-P1060288

Only Pole was interested in what was going on. She's always been the technical one.


When the touching up was done, everyone was driven out to the patio.

They thought they had done wrong...look at those faces.


WHY can't we go in???

mini-P1060294 mini-P1060295

Of course Tabs got to stay inside. Most of the time, she is outside in the living room, anyway.


Finally it's done.

Let's see if this works. No more double-sided tape. This time, we used screws.

Indy had already tested it and YES, the highest he could spray was well below the top of the polycarb....yes!!

Let's hope the door works and I don't have to clean it 20 times a day anymore!

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