Sunday, January 26, 2014

A quilt cover and a blankie for a birthday boy

Not too long ago, a friend asked if my mum could help make a quilt cover for her and in return, she would give a generous donation to AnimalCare. She drew the design for us too. The quilt cover was meant for Chinese New Year.

Here it is:

imageThank you very much for your generous donation for the animals!

And another friend asked if we could make a blankie for a birthday boy whose Japanese name is "dragon".

So, I sewed this blanket, making it as boyish as possible. Stripes give it a masculine look.


Was told the birthday boy loves this teddy bear, so I made a Teddy Bear blue blankie.

The boy's Japanese name is "dragon" and this is the character in Kanji, provided by our friend.


In Chinese, this is the character for "turtle", but in Japanese Kanji, it's "dragon".

You can't get more auspicious than that, right? The might of the dragon and the tenacity of the turtle combined - wow!

And my mum hand-embroidered this, which was then quilted onto the blanket:



My mum did the embroidery and backing. I only sewed the top design and did the top-stitching.


Happy Birthday, Roshan Tatsuya!

And many thanks to both our friends for their generous donations to our Fund!

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