Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Mr Zurik's training starts all over again...



Just when I thought Mr Zurik had learnt his lesson (that he cannot intimidate Willy) and we have been water-gun free for two whole days, it started all over again...



The water-gun had to be recalled to the scene.

mini-P1060298 mini-P1060299

He was trying his tricks again and only the water-gun could keep him at bay so that Willy could at least finish his meal.



He'd do all sorts of things like hiding inside the drain, hiding under the car, etc. just to ambush Willy.

It's like a cat-and-mouse game that I have to play with him daily. So to make the game easier (and ensure that I win), I water-gun him up the road first and make sure that I can see him at all times.




Now with Vincent, it's much harder to control.

So, the water-gun cannot retire yet....

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