Thursday, January 16, 2014

Feeding time and Willy's new "station"


This is the daily earning morning scene.


Breakfast is coming!!

mini-P1140301 mini-P1140303

Tabs waits patiently at her dining table.

mini-P1140305 mini-P1140306

At the patio, everybody's waiting too.

mini-P1140307 mini-P1160359

This morning, we had a special guest.

Of course, we brought him in from the culvert outside.

Willy has been in "training" to eat inside. First, it was on the garbage compartment, then the wooden bench, and today, for the first time, he eats at the patio, under maximum protection, of course.


Zurik tried to chase him, but we managed to keep him at bay.

mini-P1160362 mini-P1160363 mini-P1160364

Willy was really, really hungry and ate 4 helpings.


He left after finishing his food.


But Vincent gave chase and I had to restrain him.

I failed, though.

mini-P1160369 mini-P1160370

Stop, Vincent!

mini-P1160371 mini-P1160373

Poor Willy...maybe the wooden bench would be better for him. Not the patio yet.


хотите хороший мальчик?

(trans: "Am I a good boy?")


Elsewhere, Cow is particularly happy because his "person", Ming-Yi, is back on leave.


azrael said...

Your girl is really pretty! Her fine complexion is glowing!

Susan said...

Your cats are so cute :3 What do you feed them?

chankahyein said...

I feed them a mix of Monge, LeChat, Primal and Natural Balance. For kibbles, it's either Royal Canin or Tuscan.

chankahyein said...

Thank you, Azrael!

Wong Yoke Mei said...

Your TNRM cats are putting on the kilos.... so are mine.... arrrghhh... hehehehe :)If i reduce the amount i feed them, they will go scavenging the "tong sampah" for more food... how lahhh adui... :(

chankahyein said...

Yes, I face the same problem....*smart cats*!

Joy E. Saga said...

Cats after neutering tend to put on. My cats at home also, even on a diet are still fairly large. However, I play police and thief with them and get them running around my small condo. I will initiate and after that they will start chasing each other around. Even after a few rounds, they get tired, which means they lack exercise. (same as humans). I guess dieting along don't work. You need to get them to play I.e. exercise :D